Multigenerational picture

Here is a picture of five generations of Batemans. Links to some document material per person are available here, but among the historical documents, there is probably much more for each person. From left to right, great, great, great grandfather to baby, are:

  1. Alfred Bateman, born 8 December 1825 in Orsett, Essex (community a few miles east of Ockendon); he would die in 1928 at the age of 103; father of George Bateman below, he assisted his son's immigration in 1872 and would follow along with his wife, Esther Wiffen, in 1874, and other family members.
  3. George Bateman, born 24 April 1850 in Stifford, Essex (community on the Thames River just south of Ockendon); died on 23 August 1940 in Bloomington, Idaho at 90 years of age; he immigrated from South Ockendon, east of London (Essex) near the Thames River, setting sail aboard a steamer 16 October 1873.
  4. Alfred John Bateman, born 11 July 1874, Almy, Wyoming, died 7 March 1961 in Provo, Utah.
  5. Alfred Hess Bateman, born 2 December 1895, Bloomington, Idaho, died 20 November 1977 in St. George, Utah.
  6. Alfred Van Orden Bateman, born 11 August 1924, Cache Valley, Utah, died July 2007 in St. George, Utah.